September 24th- 25th, a fun and successful weekend for
Wellington Co. Gypsy Horses
Vanner Fair 2011

1st: SASHA ridden by Sammy Mutti
2nd: ANDI ridden by Kendra Taylor


1st: SASHA ridden by Kendra Taylor

Both Sasha and Andi were featured in the BREED DEMONSTRATIONS highlighting the Gypsy Vanner Horse's versatility.  In the first demo they participated with Vanner Manor horses, Pleasure and Taffy, in a Dressage quadrille.  In the second demo they did the routine with just the two of them. Thank you to Kendra riding  Sasha and Jess riding Andi in this routine.  At the end of the long day, Andi and Kendra took part in the POND SWIM ...a real crowd pleaser.   Both Andi and Sasha underwent GVHS Conformation/Movement EVALUATIONS with very impressive scores.  Detailed info on results to follow when we receive the official status in the mail.  
Miscellaneous photos 
Pond Swim
Dressage Quadrille
English Pleasure Show Events and Evaluations