July 20, 2010Alaska's first foal arrives.  A healthy colt, Shadowfax, was born to Haflinger mare, Honey, at Rivendell Ranch.  Congratulations, Mary and family!  

July 19, 2010Mosaic is born.  At 6:45am we were there to witness Andi give birth to a healthy tobiano filly. DNA tests are pending. There is a chance she may carry the roan gene from her sire, Pompeii, of Blue Feather Farms.

July 15, 2010Received DNA confirmation of Andi's dam, The Happy Days Mare. A big THANK YOU to Kim at Big Pine Farm and Jane at
SD Farms/ Dixie Down Meadows in England for following up with samples to enable this DNA testing. 

Photo credit, SD Farms

June 28, 2010Alaska attends his first horse show.  His trainer, Adrianne Lake, was his handler in the Gypsy Halter class. 

April, 2010OEF Photo Contest Winners Announced.  Turtle is the runner up Autumn photo.  Alaska wins WINTER photo.  Look for Alaska's photo to be featured on the front cover of the OEF Whoa Magazine's Winter edition. 

Click to view full sized image.

April 20, 2010 Feather is in foal!  Due date mid-March 2011.

March 13, 2010   Blue Feather Farms' Feather arrives for breeding.

Happy Days MareHappy Days Mare
August 22, 2010 Sasha and Kathy attended Level 1 Parelli clinic hosted by Windchime Farms in Niagara-on-the-Lake with instructor, Fawn Anderson.  We also had the pleasure of visiting other Gypsy farms this weekend.  Thanks to Sonview Gypsy Ranch in Waterloo, ON and Vanner Manor in Fonthill, ON for your hospitality.

August 14, 2010 Sasha participated in the RCRA All Breeds Show.  Dennis showed her in Gypsy 4 and Under Halter Class.  They won both the 4 and Under Class and the overall Gypsy Halter Champion!!!

August 1, 2010Alaska's second foal arrives.  Another healthy colt, Mowgli, was born to Thoroughbred mare, Kahuna, owned by Ashleigh of DeBoer's Farriery.  Congratulations, Ashleigh!

July 30, 2010SoFoBoMo completed!  SoFoBoMo = Solo Photo Book in a Month (www.sofobomo.org)The challenge to photographers is to create an online book of 35 photos in the month of July, 2010.   I started late and finished one day early.  My SoFoBoMo is entitled "GypsySpirit".  To view this book, CLICK HERE.

July 30, 2010Received tentative confirmation of Andi's sire.  She was tested against SD Farms' Chief.  Official confirmation is enroute.

July 29, 2010Successfully completed my first course, Equine Health and Disease Prevention, towards my Diploma in Equine Studies at University of Guelph. 

I highly recommend these online "Horse Courses" to all horse owners.  Excellent content & learning experience. 


September 25, 2010 Sasha participated in the RCRA All Breeds Show. Ashleigh rode her in the English Pleasure- W/T/C class.   Sasha obviously hadn't eaten her Wheaties in the morning as she was reluctant to go any faster than a trot.   
November 30, 2010 Mosaic was shipped.  After a short stay at Blue Feather Farms, she travelled to her new home in Vermont with her half brother Bacchus.  Congratulations to Mosaic's new owner, Debbi, at Running Wind Farms!  We look forward to receiving news and photos of her progress.   
December 11, 2010 Successfully completed my 2nd course, Equine Anatomy, towards my Diploma in Equine Studies at University of Guelph. I highly recommend these online "Horse Courses" to all horse owners.  Excellent content & learning experience. http://www.equinestudiesdiploma.com/
February 15, 2011 Look for Alaska on the cover of the Ontario Equestrian Federation's Winter 2011 WHOA! magazine

April 17, 2011:   Exhibited at the Centre Wellington Equine Trade Show
March 27, 2011:   Feather and Alaska's foal arrived just around midnight.
May 18, 2011:   Feather and foal depart for home at Blue Feather Farms, IL!
May 29, 2011:   Sasha and Kendra competed at their first dressage show, placing in the ribbons!
June 26, 2011: Second Conestoga Cadora Dressage show of the season.  Sasha and Kendra placed FIRST in the Walk-Trot class!!  An unfortunate small detour out of the ring led to their disqualification in the Training Test #1. 
July 24, 2011: Another successful Conestoga Cadora Dressage show.  Sasha stayed in the ring.  They placed Second in the Walk-Trot class and 8th in the Training Level test.  Moving in the right direction! 
July 21, 2011: The horses find different ways to cope on the hottest day of the year:
August 14, 2011: Last Conestoga Cadora Dressage show of the year at Travis Hall Equestrian Centre outside Fergus.  They placed Second in the Walk-Trot class and Third(!!) in the Training Level test.  Nice end to the Conestoga season! 
August 20-21, 2011: Attended GVHS Advisory Group meeetings in Nashville, TN.  This was a great opportunity to meet fellow Gypsy Vanner breeders from throughout the U.S. and to participate in discussions geared to refocus and revitalize the Society.    
August 28, 2011: Dressage Niagara show included two walk trot and one Pre-Training test.  They were all different than Kendra and Sasha had ever ridden before.   At the end of the morning we came home with three first place ribbons.
August 20, 2011: Kendra attended Hopewell Creek Stables show with Sasha and Andi.  This was Andi's first show ever!  She was a good girl and made it through her classes.  Sasha did really well, coming home with three more ribbons to add to her collection.    
September 17, 2011: Fergus Fall Fair!! Sasha & Kendra competed in the flat classes..hunter and hack.   It was a great way to desensitize Sasha to various noises and machinery.  There were helicopters circling overhead, tractor pulls beside us & midway rides with screaming people.  In the large field of competitors on horses of varying shapes and sizes we returned home with a couple of ribbons.
October 2, 2011: Conestoga CADORA Year End Awards Banquet.  Kendra & Sasha won the year end Championship for the Walk-Trot test! 
Kendra with Lindsay, our friend, who won First Level year end awards!All of the year end Champions!
September 24-25, 2011: VANNER FAIR!   Click here to see news of our results, photos & videos!!!
OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011:  Wellington Co. Gypsy Horses in the NEWS this month:

The Rider(pages 57-64)
Caledon SNAP(October-November 2011 edition)
The Equine Journal (November 2011 edition, pages 210-211)
December 3, 2011: Fergus Santa Claus Parade...Andi and Sasha's parade debut!
February 24-26, 2012: GVHS Annual Meeting in Lewisville, TX!  Thought provoking meetings about the role of the Registry in maintaining the Gypsy Vanner Breed Standard, informative Guest Speakers (legal, pasture management, broodmare care & foaling, trailering safety), a 'video' tour of English farms and tours of four local Gypsy Vanner farms highlighting the breed versatility with demonstrations in Dressage, Western, driving and showing in hand.  Congratulations and thanks to the organizers and farms involved for showing us your Texas hospitality and making this a very fun and memorable weekend!
March 18, 2012: CanAm Equine Emporium, London, ON.  Sasha and Kendra performed in the Breed Demo and two of the Mini Equine Extravaganza shows. For the second show, the last of the weekend, Sasha was chosen as part of the HORSEPOWER team led by TV's Amber Marshall of Heartland. 
May 14, 2012: Welcome to our new Gypsy Vanner colt, JUNEAU. CONGRATULATIONS to 10- year old Ada J. of Bexley, Ohio who submitted the name!  JUNEAU has a nice short back, a strong shoulder & topline and his colouring couldn't  be more perfect!
May 27, 2012: Conestoga CADORA Dressage Show.  Kendra Taylor & Sasha received two first place ribbons in Training Level Tests 2 & 3 and also won a High Point award in Test 2 with a score of 74%!
June 3, 2012: Wellington's Gypsy Vanner stallion, Alaska, leaves for his summer Boot Camp and Breeding at Kastle Rock Gypsy Farm!   They will have several "Alaska" foals out of their mares in 2013!!
June 9-10, 2012: OPEN TRAINING LEVEL CHAMPIONS at Caledon Dressage Show #1!! Kendra & Gypsy Vanner mare, Sasha, rode four strong tests to achieve consistent excellent scores and 1st & 2nd  place ribbons.. 
July 7-8, 2012: OPEN TRAINING LEVEL CHAMPIONS at Caledon Dressage Show #2!! They are making this look easy!!! Kendra & Wellington Co.'s mare, Sasha, once again rode four strong tests to achieve consistent excellent scores,including one score above 80% with a perfect TEN free walk and 1st & 3rd  place ribbons! With this weekend's results they've now qualified to ride in the Provincial Silver Championships in September!
Aug 25-,26 2012: Kendra & Gypsy  Vanner mare,Sasha, Open Training RESERVE CHAMPIONS at Caledon Dressage Show #3!! We appreciate our fan support, Mom & Dad!, coach Jess, Mike, Jaden, Luke, Brenda and photographer, Susan Richardson.
August 9, 2012: Wellington County Gypsy Vanner Horses at the Fergus Scottish Festival Parade!!
July 14, 2012: Kendra rode Gypsy Vanner mare, Sasha, in the 3rd Annual Trail Ride for Breast Cancer where almost $10000 was raised for the cure!
Wellington County Gypsy Horses owned by Katherine and Dennis Mutti and based south of Elora, ON. Breeding, training selling high quality Gypsy Vanner Horses.    We are located between Guelph and Elora, Ontario.  Our Gypsy Vanner Horses come from reputable breeders such as Wild Creek Farms in Ohio, Big Pine Farm in Georgia and Blue Feather Farms in Illinois and Florida.   Pedigrees include such impressive horses as Roadsweeper UK, the Paddy Horse, Arctic Winter, Romany King, and SD Chief.   Foals for sale upon weaning.  Wellington Co. Gypsy Horses specializes in quality not quantity.  Kathy is acting coordinator of the Canadian Gypsy Vanner Horse Club, on the Advisory Committee of Vanner Fair and is SEcretary of the GVHS, The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society.  Our mares Andromeda (Andi), and Sasha (WCF RK Sashay) are both broke to ride.  Sasha is ridden by trainer Kendra Taylor in Silver Training Level Dressage shows.  They have won several show Championships this season at this level.   Stallion, Alaskan Winter, Alaska, is homozygous black.  He is broke to ride. Proven offspring includes Shadow, Mowgli, Tartok and Juneau.  
Photo by Susan Richardson
Open Training Reserve Champs!Early Saturday morning start.
Sept.9, 2012: DRESSAGE-in-the-MUD!!!at London Dressage show. Great performances considering the volume of mud they had to ride through...1st and 2nd place ribbons.

October 19, 2012

July 20, 2012

July 27, 2012
Wellington Advertiser

10-year old, Ada, of Abingdon, UK, won the FOAL-NAMING Contest for her submission of the name, Juneau!  Ada received a horse-hair bracelet made by KLEIO designs of tail hair from Alaska and Andi, and a small Gypsy Vanner horse.
Sept.22, 2012: Western Ontario CADORA Championships: Another wet day and another amazing performance by Sasha & Kendra!  Their scores put them in FIRST place overall for the Open Training CHAMPION title in Ontario!
Sept.23, 2012: GVHS Evaluations at Circle Four:  Kendra rode Sasha in her English Pleasure evaluation.  Combined with her 79.25% conformation score, Sasha has now been awarded the Gold Medallion of Quality in English.  Lots of fun seeing everyone and their beautiful horses!
Oktober 8, 2012: KW Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Parade: 
November 10-11, 2012: ROYAL AGRICULTURAL WINTER FAIR, Spirit of the Horse Breed Demonstrations. Click thumbnail to access full photo and video gallery.
December 1, 2012: Andi & Sasha at the Fergus CHRISTMAS Parade!  Julie, Jess & Nicole help out with "poop patrol".
March 24, 2013:   Welcome new filly, Kenai!!

SUMMER 2013:   Welcome Lauren Daussion, our summer student from France!

August 30, 2013:   Our newest addition, a colt, George!

September 21-22, 2013:   Vanner Fair
November 8-10, 2013:   The Vanner Girls at the ROYAL WINTER FAIR!
Starting practices in July, the Vanner Girls entertained audiences first at Vanner Fair and then for three days at the Royal, with performances in the Royal Animal Theatre and the highlight performance in the RICOH Coliseum!! CLICK HERE to see pics and videos.